The Dogs of Penistone Show 2013

So, I go to Penistone Show every year and end up with very similar photographs, so this year I thought I would do something different. I am a self confessed dog lover and wanted to record all the fabulous pooches that I see at the show every year. Here are my favourite shots of the four legged friends that couldn’t get enough of being in front of the camera! If you spot your dog, let me know so I can credit your furry little model!


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Red Tattoo, Leeds

A couple of weeks ago I got my third tattoo! (hurrah!) I was tattooed by the lovely Lucy O’Connell who is an old university friend of mine and a fantastic tattoo artist at Red Tattoo in Leeds.

I really was struck with how beautiful her studio space is, covered with drawings done for clients and original one off paintings she has framed to showcase her work. Here are a few shots from my time there, and I will definitely be back soon for my next tattoo!

Check her out, she really is fantastic and her style is so unique!

Leeds008Red Tattoo, Corn Exchange, Leeds

Leeds007Happy Lucy in her studio

Leeds004Lovely designs

Leeds006Lucy’s studio space – So quaint!

Leeds005My leg being done

Leeds003half way through

Leeds002Lucy, enjoying causing me pain!995189_10151851135344602_435956314_nTa-dah! 


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Kelham Island 1940’s Weekend

I kicked off my very busy weekend at Kelham Island Industrial Museum for their annual 1940’s weekend, it was filled with the dusty atmosphere of the blitz and everyone was totally in character! The costumes were fabulous and so authentic and even Churchill was there! Think i’ll be gong again next year 🙂

Kelham Island Vintage Weekend015

Kelham Island Vintage Weekend008

Kelham Island Vintage Weekend009

Kelham Island Vintage Weekend006

Kelham Island Vintage Weekend016

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Sahar Wal Farashat

Just wanted to share a photo I took of the lovely Sahar Wal Farashat Arabic dancers at Sheffield’s ‘Chance to Dance’ festival a couple of weeks ago. Such elegance and grace among the amazing coloured fans and scarves (of course, I am bias as my mum is the one on the right!)Sheffield006

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Creative Spark 2013

So, my Masters Degree has officially ended. 15 months of hard work and stress and a lot of late nights! Even though I finished in March, I had to wait until June for my final degree show. The opening night had a great turn out (but was very hot!) and everyone seemed to have a lovely time looking at all the hard work that had gone on in the last year. Here are a few pics from around the show and of my banner, showcasing my typographic representation of language change through three booklets, showing the past, present & future of the English language.

Creative Spark001Our beautiful star map catalogues

Creative Spark008

Other students banners

Creative Spark010

My banner

Creative Spark012


Creative Spark011

It’s our language & we’ll do what we like with it!

Creative Spark013

Arty banner

Creative Spark014

The books


Looking very happy with myself!

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Mr & Mrs Ablett

Last Saturday I spent a wonderful day in Manchester celebrating the wedding of my good friends Rowena & James. In true Ledgard style, I had to interfere and take hundreds of photos, i’m sure they were both sick of smiling by the end of the day! However, the amazing dress, fabulous rainbow cake, subtle green bunting and Lego man favours made the day extra special (obviously the marriage was the most exciting part, but I love the little faffy bits of weddings!) Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day.

James & Rowena's WeddingFB10Park Kisses

James & Rowena's WeddingFB9Beautiful Bouquet 

James & Rowena's WeddingFB8Pimms O’Clock

James & Rowena's WeddingFB6Rainbow Cake

James & Rowena's WeddingFB5Photo Giggles

James & Rowena's WeddingFB4Matching Converse

James & Rowena's WeddingFB2They arrived in style

James & Rowena's WeddingFB3The next step!

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International loveliness

Recently I have ordered a few things from overseas and they do look so lovely with lovely interesting stamps! Just though I would share my latest arrivals with you all. First of all, I received a lovely hand printed card from Starshaped Press, Chicago. ( Such lovely detail inside and out!









I also ordered a lovely little set of vintage camera design stickers from, the shop was called azreenchan. They came all parceled up with lovely postage stamps on, and of course, the stickers themselves are lovely!






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London antics


On a little day trip to London town to a talk by Seb Lester, we stopped off at the new Present & Correct shop! ( It was fantastic! Such lovely vintage stationery items from around the world! Lovely 🙂  London004




We also took a detour to the Design Museum. Some really inspirational work in there! I will definitely be going again 🙂 Here are a few snaps of my favourite bits of lovely design!









It’s our Language and we’ll do what we like with it!

My final MA Graphic Design piece was a composed of three separate parts: The Past, Present & Future of Language change. I used an accordion style book to keep them as one complete item, but a smaller sections within. Here is the finished product.

280gsm Books001

280gsm Books010

280gsm Books014

All Books012

Mini Books012


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Right then…

So, I’ve not posted anything on here for a while, so over the next week or so I will be updating you on the wonderful (and slightly boring!) things I have been doing so far in 2013. Oh yeah, it’s 2013 now, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope so far you’re not breaking your new years resolutions? I have completely blown my ‘I will not eat as much cake and stuff’ resolution as I made the Lemony bad boy below, and I may just make another one this week! I have also had some lovely tea and made some mexican tomato soup! I am a little obsessed with food etc at the moment. Gahhh I will be thin one day! Stay tuned for some fab crafty stuff (and probably more cake!)





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